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What is dating a dancer actually like?

Rachel Levitt interviews her boyfriend on what dating a dancer is actually like. Hint: it’s not as exciting as dudes on dating apps think.

As seen in Nicole Decsey’s article about dating on apps, guys seem to have a strange fascination with dancers. When I was in the online scene back in the day, I received so many remarks like the ones seen in her article that I actually began trying to hide the fact that I was a dancer.

But even off apps, during my past life as a single dancer I encountered a lot of men who just seemed fascinated with my lifestyle. I guess to people with “normal” lives there is something exotic about making a career out of your art. Personally, I don’t really think dating a dancer is that exciting. But then again, I have never dated one. Conveniently, my boyfriend is though.

Let’s take a look at what Jordan McEwen has to say about it....

It’s interesting. I don’t think we would have met if I wasn’t dancer. I wouldn’t have met the friend we met through, because she and I met through my dance company. And then me doing stuff for her collective as a choreographer is how our paths crossed.

Yeah, it is very true. Since we met through doing a dance video, me being interested in making films and you being interested in dancing are the two things that brought us together. That’s definitely been a good thing brought to us by dance.

Jordan and I on the Zoom set of Counting Blessings for Grey Area Collective's Art in Isolation

Was me being a dancer part of what made me more appealing to you?

I think you being a dancer did make you more appealing to me, I don’t really know why other than I’ve always been attracted to artists. There’s something really appealing in a person whose really passionate about something.

Why is it fun to date a dancer?

I don’t know a whole lot about the dance world, so for me it’s fun to learn about and experience it through the eyes of someone whose passionate about it.

Also, there’s a lot of difference in lifestyle in terms of fitness, wellbeing and that kind of stuff. I have fun anyways just with the sheer juxtaposition between us. For example, what I eat for supper is something a child would eat and what you eat for supper is from a vegan cookbook.

What are some disadvantages of dating a dancer?

I suppose as somebody who doesn’t work out a lot, it does kind of cause me to reflect and think about myself as being kind of lazy by comparison. But I think there’s also an argument for that being a good thing as well. You’re like a constant reminder that I’m unhealthy, but that’s a good thing because I’m constantly being reminded that I could be healthy.

Does dating a dancer make you want to dance more?

That’s a hard question, because I’ve never been a good dancer. I was actually at a wedding with an ex once and she told me I was embarrassing her with my dancing.

I like going to emo nights at Sneaky Dees and jumping around in a mosh pit. That’s more my kind of dancing.

Since you seem to be so resistant to dancing, it has me wondering: do you actually want to do those ballroom classes we talked about trying together?

Yes. That’s a bit different. That’s not just me moving around like a fool of a man, it’s actually learning a skill.

Dancing has to come from within I think. Be that because I’m at Sneaky Dees and there’s cool emo music playing or the motivation to practice something with you. But it can’t be forced out of me I don’t think.

In a non-pandemic world, what is a dance related date you would take me on for Valentine’s Day?

Going to see something at the National Ballet.

Final verdict?

From my experience of dating a dancer, I recommend it.



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