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Dance is our way of life...

What makes up a dance lifestyle?

It is... 

  • Waking up and being excited to dance...even if you are dead tired and just trying to get to your next day off.

  • Eating a fueling breakfast to get you through all the physical activity that lies ahead – and don't forget the coffee since you were up late teaching.

  • Drooling over leggings and leotards while other people are drooling over cars and designer bags.

  • Day dreaming about traveling for work and landing that dream job while desk jobbers are dreaming about holidays and paying off a mortgage.

  • Getting excited about doing things that are not dancing...but only in moderation, because over 24 hours is way too long.

Plus many more things...and we love every minute of it.



Rachel Levitt is a Toronto based dance teacher and choreographer, who has also worked internationally in the USA and the UK. She was the assistant choreographer for Leap of Faith, Seussical and All Shook Up at Stagedoor Manor (2019), and is currently the lead choreographer for Dance : Corps, whose recent credits include Another Day in COVID-19 Land: Flash Show, Convergence Theatre's The Covid Commissions, and Grey Area Collective's Art in Isolation.

As a journalist, she has written for The Dance Current, The Dialog, The Courier and Eye of the Tiger.

She is passionate about exploring the world, reading, cooking and making the perfect espresso.


Nicole Decsey is a performance artist, choreographer and dance teacher based in Toronto and Mississauga. A graduate from the Ryerson dance program she has worked with choreographers such as Hanna Kiel, Alysa Pires, Valarie Calam, Colleen Snell, David Norsworthy and Allen Kaeja. Nicole is a company member with Ismailova Theatre of Dance and Dance : Corps working in both dance films and stage productions.

A freelance writer, she has articles published in online magazines such as Opera Canada, Intermission Magazine, The Whole Note and The Dance Current.

Nicole likes nights spent by a fire side and curling up with warm tea and a good fantasy or science fiction book. She trains in kick boxing and is an avid Leaf’s fan even when they are terrible. 

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