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Riding the Wave

Nicole Decsey on working in between gigs, especially during the transitional month of November.

“I’m getting another job” “I heard they are hiring seasonal workers right now”

I am sure you’ve heard your friends say these things after a long, exhausting rehearsal. Because it’s not uncommon, artists of all kinds have part time jobs and more than one. We juggle multiple rehearsals, classes and any extra job we can manage just to support ourselves and this art form we love so much.

November tends to be that month where the tide goes out. We are finished our summer projects and waiting for the next thing to happen.

It is also the time of year where companies start hiring seasonal workers. Timing is everything! So, yes, we apply to the LCBO or Bulk Barn while we take classes and twiddle our thumbs waiting anxiously on the TAPA website for the next audition to be posted. This November may be harder than most with many businesses closed. But then, dance studios have reopened and what better part time job than being a dance instructor? Still, it’s worth checking out Indeed and other job sites to see who is hiring seasonal workers this year.

Aside from seasonal work, these dry months are the perfect time to get back in the classroom as often as you can. As artists we are constantly learning. We are professionals and teachers and students. We can be 22 or 82 and still be learning and growing. That is one of the many beauties of our art. Maybe you take a class you love from a teacher that inspires you, maybe you dabble in something you have never tried before like ballroom or maybe you decided to cross train and take Pilates, yoga or a self-defence class. No matter what way you decide to train, everything you learn can be put towards your craft. After all, the dance world is constantly moving towards ever more interdisciplinary work. Dancers are not one trick ponies.

Take Zoom classes with Nicole at 6pm Nov 9, 16 and 23! More info on

That’s where choreography comes into the picture. Having time on your hands gives you that perfect opportunity to put together the interdisciplinary show you have always imagined. Writing grants and putting your ideas out there may be scary. Taking something personal and putting it on paper can be even scarier. But seeing your dream come to life is only possible when you take that risk. If grant writing feels overwhelming, Colleen Snell (the artistic director of Frog In Hand, a Mississauga based dance company) is teaching two grant writing workshops on November 15th and January 17th and I guarantee they will help.

My main piece of advice? Hold out, wait for the tide to come back in and relax a little. Because when there is a wave, there is a storm and everything seems to come rushing down around you at the same time. You’ll have moments where you miss the quiet, calming atmosphere that November seems to bring. Then again maybe you love the storm. So, use this time to prepare and get ready for what’s to come next.



1. Colleen Snell's Grant Writing Workshops – Description in paragraph six

2. Dance : Corps Workshop Series – Sort of a shameless plug as I will be teaching, but it's also a great opportunity to get to know the company.

3. The Toronto Community Love In Practise Lab series – If you don’t already know, I love this company. They always offer the most amazing opportunities. Click here for more info on this one!

4. Kylie Thompson’s Online Boot Camp – classes run Friday’s at 12pm with The Railpath Arts Centre.

5. Applying to be on the supply list at one of the many competitive dance studios in your area

Miss Nicole talking to her competitive students – look how happy she looks!



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