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Love and Kindness on Your Special Day

A word from Nicole Decsey on A Dance Way of Life's "birthday" month.

And just like that its May again, another year in isolation come and gone. But this also means that it is A Dance Way of Life’s Birthday month. Both writers Nicole Decsey and Rachel Levitt celebrate their birthdays back-to-back on May 7th and 9th. Talk about a match made by the dance gods!

This year like the last, celebrations will be done digitally and socially distanced. However, rather than putting a damper on the whole birthday scenario I see this as a way to allow special moments and acts of kindness to trump the general consumer driven mentality of birthdays. When you are surrounded by loved ones who will drive down to spend a few hours with you sitting on a driveway to celebrate your special day, that’s when you know you are truly loved. It’s moments like these that let us know we are not alone in this world no matter how easy it is to forget.

So, this year I ask that people remember the good times with their friends. Let those who matter most to you know how special and important they are. Sometimes it’s hard to see how small acts of kindness can make a difference in a person’s life. But I promise you that a phone call, or a message, or a brief visit is felt and appreciated.

Birthdays are not all about gifts. They are about showing someone you care and there are so many ways to do that. So, happy birthday A Dance Way of Life readers let’s share some love this month and all the rest.



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