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Flirty Fitness

Rachel Levitt on her fave ways to stay fit and flirty this Valentine season.

The second February hits, the world transforms into either a celebration of love or a massive headache. This time of the year may not be everyone’s favourite, but this guide to flirty fitness is sure to appeal to fans and foe of good ol’ Valentine’s Day.


Emkfit – Breakup Anthems

Canadian YouTuber Emily Thorne slays this super fun HIIT dance workout set to breakup anthems such as Potential Breakup Song by Ally and AJ and 7 Things by Miley Cyrus.

Pamela Reif – Sexy Dance Workout

Get ready to get back in the game with German fitness star Pamela Reif. Her dance workouts are always a mood booster that is sure to make you feel sexier than your ex ever did.

POPSUGARfitness – Vixen Dance Workout

Embrace your inner superstar with Janet Jones, creator of VXN in Miami. Her classes aim to give you a centre stage experience which can be much needed when you’re fresh out of a relationship.


Madfit – Arianna Grande Dance Party Workout

According to Global News, Maddie Lymburner is Canada’s #1 YouTube creator! Throw a Zoom dance party with friends and screen share her Arianna Grande workout to celebrate sisterhood this Galentines Day.

Emkfit – Burlesque HIIT

Emily Thorne’s Burlesque HIIT is set to the soundtrack of the popular film. This is another great one for Zoom dance parties, and I highly recommend getting everyone to dress for the theme.

Kyra Pro – Boy Band and Girl Power Dance Workouts

Us Canadians are really taking over the YouTube workout scene...Ottawa born Kyra Provost has created these two super fun dance workouts that are perfect for celebrating galentines day! If you and your girls loved talking about boys as much as me and my friends did when we were younger, this Boy Band workout with songs from bands such as Jackson 5, One Direction and Backstreet Boys is for you. If you preferred to talk about girls, then this Girl Power workout is full of hits from pop babes such as Beyoncé, Katy Perry and Fifth Harmony.


Blogilates – Disney workouts

Did you dream of being Belle as a child? Whether it was because of her book smarts, loyalty to her father, or ability to tame a beast, you can now workout like a Disney princess thanks to Cassey Ho.

If Ariel was your role model, you can now work your abs like a mermaid with Cassey as she spins her wheel to determine what exercises you’ll do. Will it be Poor Unfortunate Rolls? Flounders Flutter Kicks? Hopefully it won’t be Part of Your World Plank Jacks…

Teagan Dixon – Disney Dance Workouts

Dance it out with Australia’s Teagan Dixon. She has been a performer for both Disney Tokyo and Shanghai Disney, where she portrayed characters such as Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzel, and more making her the perfect princess to have a ball with this Valentine’s Day.


Mirhan TV – Latin Ballroom

Learn some Latin with your partner this season of love. This video is beginner friendly and with a dancer like you leading, your sweetheart has double the teachers.

Dance with Miss Auti – Lyrical Partner Dance

If your significant other wants to try a more contemporary style, this lyrical partner dance is good for a variety of levels and even includes a fun lift to try practice.

Madfit – Couples Workout Challenge

If your partner won’t dance but is up for a workout, try Maddie Lymburner’s adorable couples workout. You can also do this as part of a warm up for the above two dance suggestions.



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