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Dance Dance Resolutions

Rachel Levitt and Nicole Decsey on their dance related new year's resolutions.

2020 has not been ideal needless to say, but the challenges we have faced have made us stronger as we look toward 2021. While there are many things for us to work on outside of dance, this post is to commemorate the continuous growth we strive for in relation to our craft.

Rachel Levitt

Save enough money to move to Australia for a year. Top on my bucket list is to teach, choreograph and dance my way around Sydney and Melbourne.

Give back more to the arts industry. Our industry has been struck a mighty blow this year, so I want to do my best to help and endorse my fellow artists as much as I can.

Book more professional work as a choreographer. This is ambitious during a pandemic, but if you don’t aim high you never learn to fly.

Nicole Decsey

Take more dance classes and other arts classes. I want to overcome my apprehensions of people watching me dance in my small space over zoom.

Find time to develop my own artistic voice. This is a big one for me as there is so much I want to do that I felt I haven’t given myself time for yet.

Finding the balance between work time and me time. This is really hard for me and something I am always working on because I don’t know how to take a break.




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