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Celebrating the World During Corona

Rachel Levitt chats with Emma Clandon about her new work for Our Stories, the second flash show from Dance : Corps.

“Corona’s taken over the world, but I just wanted to do a piece to celebrate the world, like what has been missing.”

And she does. Using a cover of John Lennon’s Imagine sang by Kerry Margaret, Emma dances in the blissful background of her neighbour’s backyard. Eating up the fresh remains of summer, she seems at times in her own world and at times speaking to the audience.

Simply shot in one take by her cameraman (aka her husband), the work very much emanates how the smallest things can be full of joy. Wind blowing, sunny days, healthy green grass, lacy dresses, dancing to a song that moves you…

When Emma sent me the raw footage to edit, my first thought was: how do I add more theatrical elements to this without taking away from the elegance of its simplicity? Watching how she communicated the lyrics so clearly in her movement, inspired me to bring this element to the forefront.

After playing with every title on iMovie, Emma says of the finished product: “I really loved that effect, because it put more emphasis on the emotions of the piece and the words and what it was expressing.”

Catch the finished piece at Dance : Corps’ second Flash Show, Our Stories. Available for free via a YouTube playlist 12am Oct 3 to 12am Oct 5 2020. Email to get the link sent straight to your inbox.



Emma's favourite dance hairstyle – Half up half down, because it’s a bit more free than in a bun.

Her favourite pre-class meal Pasta salad

Her favourite song to dance to There are so many, but at the minute I found a good version of Paint it Black that’s more a jazz/contemporary version.

Emma's cameraman (aka her husband) shows us their home ballet barre.



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