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This Holiday Season: Give The Gift of Support

Nicole Decsey on one of the best gifts to give the artist in your life this year: support.

Everyone sees things from a different perspective, from eyes that have experienced and seen life though a multitude of hardships and joys.Which means everyone will have different reactions to a work of art.

This year, as we buy presents that we wrap in colourful paper and put under the Christmas tree, remember that one of the best gifts you can give your artist friends is your time and your opinion. The only way for an artist to truly know the impact of their work is to hear from their audience. To see the reactions on people’s faces and for those people to take the time out of their day to go and see their art.

So, which of your friends are making, sharing, and offering art this holiday season?

I have reached out to some of our A Dance Way of Life readers to answer that question and see what they are working on right now!

1. If you are in Guelph, one of our readers Haley Dimeck is choreographing pieces on The Guelph Youth Dance Company for their show in February! Tickets are not being sold yet, but for more information on the company and to stay up to date on their performances click here:

2. Looking for some online classes to support and enhance your practise? Escape Routes Yoga, an online Yoga company run by certified yoga instructor and lifelong dancer Jodie Scarrow is built to support dancers in all walks of life. My personal favourite class being offered is the Body course!

Body: focuses on becoming self-aware, improving body image, developing self-confidence, and becoming grounded in who we are.

Check out this class and more by following this link:

3. Actor, singer and mover Catherine Zanon just finished her performance of Milo in Milo’s World and in February she will be starting rehearsals for Cinderella (Alexander Showcase Theatre) in which she will be playing one of the stepsisters. Here is the link to the FULL production of Milo’s World!

These are only a few of the many artists out there who are developing their own work as the cold and festive month of December takes us into the New Year.

So, for this holiday season ask your friends what they are working on! It may be something happening soon, or it may be a project in its beginning stages, but they could use your support at every step in their creative process. Ask the questions, you may find out about something that you had no idea was going on.



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