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Hannukah 2020 Merch List

Rachel Levitt on the best Hannukah merchandise for dancers this years.

We know that Christmas seems to steal the advertorial spotlight during the month of December, but we haven’t forgotten about those who celebrate Hannukah! Here are some of the festive products we're most excited about this year.


Light up the next eight crazy nights with a menorah that speaks to the dancer(s) in your house! Each of these is a keepsake that will be passed down for generations to come.

Straight from Israel, this stunning menorah from the Joy Art Gallery is made of laser cut Metal and Print.

We love...the bright colours and the flow of shapes.

Hand painted with a bonus charm for sparkle, this metal menorah is designed by Karen Rossi and sold via The Aesthetic Sense.

OUR FAVOURITE... for its whimsical flavour and elegant detailing.

David Klass’ copper menorah is perfect for families with a passion for their Jewish cultural roots. Sold via Traditions Jewish Gifts.

We much it celebrates the tradition of dancing the hora.


Top Left – Made from wood and dotted with gems and pearls, this Dancing Ballerina Mezuzah from ZuzziesbyLiat is available on Etsy. Buy here!

Top Centre – This hand painted Dancing Princess Theme Mezuzah by HappyJudaica is perfect for nurseries or teeny tiny dancers to be. Buy here!

Our Favourite – Top Right – The nostalgia of the dangling ballet slippers is what wins our hearts, but the pink enamel and Swarovski crystal accent definitely earns a lot of brownie points. This mezuzah is by Marcelle Rosenstrauch for the Quest Collection, sold on The Aesthetic Sense. Buy here!

Bottom Left – These two different stained glass designs by Susan Fullenbaum are excellent if you have twins or a dancing duo that love to match. Buy here!

Bottom Right – For those who drool over elegant detailing, this Ballet Slipper Mezuzah is hand painted and looks fit to be in a castle. Buy here!


Not exactly Hannukah themed, but a great gift that can be used at your Shabbat dinners!

Adding a sprinkle of ballet to your Friday night glass of wine (or your kids' grape juice) is sure to lighten up the table.

This design by GreatbritishCraftUK is sandblasted onto the glass, so it won't wear off. You can also have it customized with a name or message.

Got an Irish dancer in the house? Then this is the gift for you.

Beautifully hand painted by BelleBatique, this glass is both pleasing to the eyes and dishwasher safe for those too tired from dancing to hand wash.



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