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Dance Party in Lockdown!

Rachel Levitt on celebrating her birthday in lockdown…again.

Well, here we are. Last year I thought I’d be breaking in my 26th year of life with a “thank heavens COVID is over” party, but of course that was an unrealistic wish. Sure enough, my special day was locked inside once more.

That being said, I did some reflecting on the role dance played in birthday this year. And with that, I’ll share what I’ve learned below:

Dance friends are special friends

Those I have bonded with through dance have a special place in my heart. There is an intimacy built over the hard work and creative process that go into dancing. When I saw my people on my Zoom birthday party screen, I realized how invaluable they are.

Dancing brings us closer together

A little over half my party was dancers, but some of my friends are “normal.” We had a dance party to this Throwback Dance Workout from Teagan Dixon. In some strange way, getting silly to cheesy music warmed my heart. It gave me the fuzzies having all my friends dancing together.

Teaching dance is a job as well as a gift

Every Friday I run a Zoom dance party for a Boys and Girls club in TO. On my birthday, the theme was disco (not my choice – I would have opted for Charleston). That being said, the music was groovy and seeing my kids learn, grow and express themselves through Zoom each week is a gift.

I hope you see yourself in some of these reflections. If not, send an email to with what you’d add!



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